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Tips to Jumpstart Your Social Selling Strategy

by Luke Williams | January 22, 2019|

So... I don't love the term social selling, but I'm willing to swim with the current. Social selling is really just selling, isn't it? The only difference is that instead of a rolodex or business cards, we have the technology on our computer or phones. The most important skill in sales is our ability to build relationships.

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LinkedIn Branding

by Luke Williams | December 12, 2018|

When most people think about LinkedIn, they think job searching and recruiting. Not long ago, essentially that’s what it was. It was a portal to store your online resume for recruiters to view and a place for job seekers to find jobs.

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Are You Suffering From Pipeline Neglect?

by Luke Williams | November 07, 2018|

Definition of pipeline neglect:

A condition experienced by solopreneurs or business owners who are focused on their clients to the degree that they don't have time to develop new prospect relationships. Pipeline neglect can happen to professionals in nearly all industries and with all levels of experience. The irony is that sometimes the business owners who are the best with their clients are the ones who have the worst cases of pipeline neglect. Knowing you are experiencing pipeline neglect or are at risk of exposure is critical in preparing or maintaining healthy growth in your business.

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